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The setting and mechanics are being developed as we play. If you’re curious how something works, let’s talk about it!

Places- A list of locations you have or have no been to.

Check out the characters list for some details about the PCs or NPCs you encounter/know about.

Other stuff:

The Web- A ever-present source of almost anything you could want, as long as you’re willing to pay for it. Information, sex, drugs, potted plants. All of this and more can be your’s for a drop of blood and a firm, digital, handshake.

The Control

Mechanics Alterations to how the mechanics work.

Creating a new page

To create a new page, just make a name for it and surround it with double square brackets like so: A New Page. When you save the page, the link will show up and you can click on it to create the new page.

Linking to existing pages

To link to an existing page, click the Wiki Link button on the right. You can quickly look up the page you want and insert a link to it.

Linking to characters

For PCs and NPCs in your campaign, use the Character Link button to the right.

HTML and Textile

To style things how you want, we use a simple formatting language called Textile. Textile is easy to learn and simultaneously allows for lots of customization.

Main Page

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