• Futesesu Reterah

    Futesesu Reterah

    The office 'secretary.' Does she really even work here?
  • Name Pending

    Name Pending

    Stoic, watchful, knowing. But what does he have to share?
  • Rare 'Q' Gusto

    Rare 'Q' Gusto

    Your Quartermaster for anything you might think you need for sanctioned Missions.
  • Rig "Big Rig" Alufe'

    Rig "Big Rig" Alufe'

    A decently-enormous gentleman who practices both law, and lawlessness.
  • Sacie Arah

    Sacie Arah

    Dragon-Lady in a pants-suit. She knows her stuff and will burn you for failing.
  • Son Tese

    Son Tese

    Your friendly neighborhood boss, whom you've never met.